Providing WELS Synod Christian men fellowship while exercising charity, service and personal growth.

WELSMEN is a lay organization for men in fellowship with the Wisconsin Lutheran Synod (WELS). We meet monthly to provide opportunities for the exercise of Christian fellowship, charity, service and personal growth.

We are always looking for new members.
If interested, come join us for an event, typically the 2nd Tuesday of every month.

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Our mission


To initiate and strengthen personal relationships among area WELS men through regular social gatherings. 

Educate & Motivate

To intellectually and spiritually motivate, educate, and stimulate members with quality presentations.


To provide financial assistance to various charitable organizations. Since 1976, WELSMEN have donated over $289,000.

Recent Events

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Supported Groups & Member Testimonials

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Other Supported Groups

  • Calvary Academy
  • Central City "Feed My Lambs" Project
  • Federation Radio Ministry
  • International Bible Society
  • Siloah Vacation Bible School
  • Thought of Faith
  • UWM Student Center
  • UW-Madison Campus Ministry
  • Visually Handicapped
  • Mission for the Economically Deprived
  • Southside & Northside Ministries
  • UW Madison International VBS
  • World Missions
  • Eastern Europe Radio
  • Zebaoth Preschool

“Everyone is so friendly, and genuinely concerned about your wellbeing.” 

AAron S.

“I joined 12-15 years ago and my favorite thing about WELSMEN is Christian men fellowship & organization.” 

Dennis K.

“I think other men should join because of the male fellowship, informative speakers, and special events like the Chinooks game.”

Thomas S.

“I just joined WELSMEN this year so I'm still learing the scope of the group, but I really enjoy the comradery of Christian men."

Geoff G.

“I  enjoy  slowing down  for  a few  hours and relaxing  and listening  and  learning with  my  fellow Christians."

Tim M.

“Other  men  should join  for  the same  reason  I did,  you  learn a  lot,  it’s a  good  group of christian  men."

John G.

“I've learned  that  within the  WELS  there are  many  opportunities for  laymen to  become involved."

Mark M.

“When a young college student shares their story upon being granted a gift it boosts the desire to keep providing as possible."

Bill T.

“It provides an opportunity to network with WELS men from other WELS churches and also provide them with the opportunity to participate in our annual charities fund drive."

Dick H.

“I was impressed with the sincerity and conviction of the men that while we can have fun, we can also support worthy causes and support one another in our walk as sons of our Father."

Phil H.

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